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I (Linnea) have always loved tricolored dogs. While researching tri-colored breeds, I discovered the Entlebucher Mountain Dog. I was immediately drawn to the Entlebucher’s loyalty, intelligence, self-confidence, and boundless enthusiasm. Our family attended an Entlefest gathering in Oregon and instantly fell in love with the breed. We contacted a couple of BCOE breeders and put our name on a waiting list. We waited two years for our puppy. It was well worth the wait because in 2014, we welcomed Mister Kuno v. Eagleheart (Kuno) into our hearts. It didn’t take long for us to realize that one Entlebucher was not enough for our family. So, in 2016 we brought our sweet boy Alpine Blaze v. Waldes Ridge (Blaze) home. We enjoy spending quality time with our dogs which includes obedience training, socialization, Agility, Flyball, Dock Diving, herding, and may camping trips. They are most definitely part of our family.
Our Blaze is a true Entlebucher with boundless energy and cute Entle smiles. He is great with kids and loves to play with other dogs. He has enjoyed teaming with our daughter in agility, racing in Flyball and is currently learning to Dock Dive. At the end of his busy day, he always makes sure to get cuddles with his humans. Blaze has passed all Entlebucher health screenings and is CHIC-certified with the OFA.
As a BCOE breeder, we are dedicated to the preservation of the health and longevity of the breed. Our goal is to breed healthy dogs with good temperaments while making diversity of pedigree lines a top priority. We also believe it is important to keep our dogs in excellent mental and physical condition. We stay connected and offer support to all our families and their puppies.

Linnea and Jeremy Roy

Alpine Blaze v. Waldes Ridge

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