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National Entlebucher Mountain Dog Association


In the year 1996, we welcomed Tsonya v. Delepine,” Arrow”, an Entlebucher of many talents, into our family and marked the beginning of Arrowood Entlebuchers. Besides being a great companion dog, Arrow was most accomplished at inventing her own games that included herding and hiking her soccer balls, keeping our property free of gophers, helping to keep the kitchen clean and alerting us to visitors with an unusually deep bark from such a diminutive dog! She was funny, loyal, and smart. In her 15 1/2 year lifetime, Arrow won her National and International championships and produced 4 litters, with a pup from her final litter living to 18 years!

Five year old Katydid of Apple Creek or “Bow” came to us to help out as Arrow’s world declined. Bow had been trained as a service dog, so with her training and calm demeanor, Bow and I became a social therapy team at Kaiser Hospital in Santa Rosa for 5 years, cheering up patients and staff. My dear calm Bow was the best companion dog in the world! She recently left us, just shy of 16 years old.

Wanting to continue Bow’s line of therapy work, I put in my bid for Flexi of Creekside Entlebuchers, granddaughter of Bow, hoping those calm traits would have been passed along. Flexi has passed her therapy dog exams, but due to Covid, she has yet to enter the hospital for volunteer work. Bow and Flexi were great buddies, joining us on our travels across the United States. She enjoys swimming at the beach, agility, rally, ball play, as well as winning her AKC show championship. Flexi has had one litter of beautiful puppies and will be bred just once more. She has a very unique pedigree blended from North American Entlebuchers and Swiss Entlebuchers and as such, she will bring a special diversity into the Entlebucher gene pool. My goals for breeding and raising puppies are great health, great temperaments, and longevity. I am excited to be a part of creating a legacy of wonderful Entlebuchers for the future.

I am a NEMDA BCOE breeder and follow the guidelines set forth in the club’s Breeder Code of Ethics.

Becky Christiansen

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