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National Entlebucher Mountain Dog Association


On Feb 11th, 2022 Levi was updated on all vaccines. It was assessed that he has a strong athletic heart, and is a sleek and muscular 55.6 pounds.  He was negative on a brucellosis test on Feb 1st, 2022.

Levi demonstrates the calmer side of Entlebuchers, yet he can play with the best of them.  He has learned the discipline to be a Hearing Assistance Service dog, from a program called ‘Intelligent Disobedience’. To date, he has been the only Full Access Service Entlebucher of NEMDA.  

Levi has successfully flown 42 times, and earned his wings on Delta, American, Alaska and United Airlines.  This means he is portable, and stress-free for cover breeding.     

Genetically, Levi has maintained great muscularity, has kept his original coloring even now, being at Veteran age.  Levi was checked by a Vet just prior to Covid, for fertility.  The vet provided documentation of virility, though not a full analysis. 

Levi overcame an ACL or CCL strain 2 years ago, without surgery.  Limitation to water sports and leashing has kept him strong and limber.  He shows no sign of physical distress and appears much younger than his age.  Because of his big ‘snowshow’ feet, admirers often think he is still a puppy.   

Levi is a romantic, with a few fixed girlfriends, and one almost ‘oops’ breeding.  He is interested, stable and a good choice for breeding.     

Darcy Kemp

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