National Entlebucher Mountain Dog Association

Join Us for a Presentation
by Sharol Hathaway, AKC Herding Judge
followed by lunch

Thursday, September 1 - 10:00 am – noon
Jacobson Park

Our featured speaker is Sharol Hathaway, AKC Herding Judge and breeder of Belgian Tervurens.

Learn why herding breeds tend to be built the way they are and how the dog’s structure relates to their ability to herd. You will also learn more about how herding builds the relationship between you and your dog and also between your dog and the livestock. Hear about three things you need in a herding dog.

Sharol will tell us about AKC’s herding program – what it is, what to expect, how to earn titles and more. She will also discuss the herding instinct test and types of herding courses.

There is no additional cost for lunch and this presentation – both are INCLUDED in your Entlefest registration!

About Sharol Hathaway, High Reaches Belgian Tervuren

Sharol has always had dogs in her life and has participated in tracking, agility, obedience and predominantly herding. In 1989 she obtained her first AKC Belgian Tervuren and her dog’s breeder got her involved in herding. Eventually she acquired her own livestock, created a facility, developed a structured training program and began breeding Tervurens. She has handled 14 AKC Herding Champions in 10 generations of her Belgian Tervuren breeding. Thirteen of these dogs were also conformation champions.

Sharol became an AKC herding judge in 2002. Her successful herding career has taken her all across the country and to other parts of the world to judge and give clinics. She has organized countless ABTC National herding events and was instrumental in starting several herding clubs.

She has mentored and trained at least 4 AKC herding judges. She continues to give clinics and lessons and writes a herding column for the ABTC national magazine.

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