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National Entlebucher Mountain Dog Association

Entlefest - Providence Tour with Dogs

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DOGS are WELCOME! Saturday July 29th Time: 1:30pm – 4:00pm with pick up and return to the hotel Join us for this delightful tour of one of America’s favorite cities! As you relax comfortably on our climate-controlled tour bus, we will take you to the most exciting neighborhoods in Rhode Island’s capital city and tell you the story of this special place and its most famous citizens. From America’s first hero to the mafia, and to the mayor, this city is filled with intriguing tales. As we travel from College Hill to Federal Hill, and Brown University to the State House, you will admire the loveliest settings in the city and discover places you will want to go back to and explore on your own. Along the way there will be opportunities for you to get out, take pictures, and see things up close. Enjoyed by all ages, get ready for one of the most enjoyable tours you have ever taken! (Dogs inclusive!)

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