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National Entlebucher Mountain Dog Association

Waldi Lane Entlebuchers

I kept Bender intact not knowing if I would ever make the leap and breed him. Breeding is a huge responsibility. I had to ask myself, does my dog have the optimal temperament and physical traits to improve the genetics of the breed? I am a college instructor and believe that learning is a lifelong pursuit. I have used my years of owning an Entlebucher to learn everything I could about this breed including history, health, and conformation. After all that, I do feel a responsibility to leave Bender in the gene pool. Bender is strong, sweet, and healthy. He passed all of his health tests, is negative for PRA, and even rated excellent on his hips. He has a properly sized build, lovely defined markings, and a kind disposition. I have a great start as a breeder with Bender, but ultimately, I believe in relying on the long time BCOE breeders for guidance. I aspire to learn from them, all of the nuances of genetic pairings that will result in healthy, strong, beautiful puppies who will live long lives with their beloved humans. I want to see the best of the offspring go on to further the strength and temperament of the breed. My individual goals focus on the practicality of the breed. Bender actively works as a herder on my farm. I have a lot of respect for working dogs, the jobs they do, and their bond with their humans. This breed descends from working herders and has an innate intelligence and work ethic that I would like to refine and promote.

Diane Walser

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