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The National Entlebucher Mountain Dog Association (NEMDA) is the AKC Parent Breed Club for the Entlebucher Mountain Dog in North America. Founded in 1998, we are committed to protecting and advancing quality breeding, ownership, and stewardship of the Entlebucher.  More about NEMDA.

The Entlebucher Mountain Dog, also known as the Entlebucher Sennenhund or Entlebucher Cattle Dog, is the smallest of the four Swiss Mountain Dogs. The Swiss Mountain dogs are descended from Molossus type dogs brought by the Romans as they passed through Helvetia over two thousand years ago. The Entlebuchers were used as cattle herding dogs bringing the dairy cows in from mountain pastures.  Learn more about the Entlebucher Mountain dogs to see if this is the right dog for you and your family.

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