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National Entlebucher Mountain Dog Association

Recommended Entlebucher Breeders

Thank you for your interest in Entlebuchers!

We have listed breeders who promise to accept and to follow NEMDA’s Breeder Code of Ethics (BCOE). All these breeders welcome your inquiries. Please feel free to contact them directly about their Entlebucher breeding programs.

NEMDA does not recommend any breeder of Entlebuchers who is not a BCOE Breeder. Be cautious when entering into a contract with a breeder who is not on this list. Ask questions! Ask lots of questions! Do your best to inquire about health testing, health issues, temperament flaws, and breeding programs. It is perfectly okay for you to request pedigrees for both the dam and the sire of the litter.  Always ask for copies of documented health tests.

At a minimum, both of the Entlebucher puppy parents should be listed in the OFA Health Database. Each parent should have a Canine Health Information Center (CHIC) number.

For more information please, contact the NEMDA Breed Committee.

Links: OFA health database

Canine Health Information Center (CHIC) number. 

Another resource to further your research for your next puppy is our Pedigree Database. 

Breeders – Owners of Females

Joyce & Patrick MacKay
Excel-Ents Entlebuchers
* Stud Dog Available
Plover, WI 
(715) 341-8839

Email address

Further Information

IntCH Excel-Ent’s Arriving At Risa AX AXJ NF SWN SEE SCE SIE CGC TKN (Risa)Excel-Ent’s Commander D Geordi CGC NA OF TKN SWN SCA SEA DN (Geordi)

Kathy Marshall
Eagleheart Entlebuchers
Sisters, OR
(541) 968-1999
Email address

Jen Shaul
Royal Peak Entlebuchers
* Stud Dogs Available
Murrieta, CA
and New Braunfels, TX

Email address

Further Information

IntCH. Baroness Caddy Vom Royal Peak TKP SWN (Caddy) Alexander The Great Vom Royal Peak (Xander)IntCH Count Princeton vom Royal Peak TKI (Princeton)

Paula Lacker
Blue Jay Ently’s Kennel
* Stud Dog Available
Cleves, OH
C (513) 353-2422
Email address

Further Information

Qarma Uit ’T Hollandse Entlinest (Qarma) GCH CH Athos Magnificent Swiss Tricolor (Athos)
Blue-Jay’s Honeybee (Beebee)

Eve Tetzlaff
Dyberry Creek Farm
* Stud Dog Available
Honesdale, PA

Email address

Further Information

Victory to Yes of Dyberry Creek Farm (Jai) Vermont’s Juniper Rain of Dyberry Creek Farm (Juna) 
Valmiki's Ramayana of Dyberry Creek Farm (Rama)

Laureen (Little) & Ian van Staalduinen
Bar TT Ranch Entlebuchers
* Stud Dog Available
Bergen, Alberta, Canada
Email address

Further Information

Nelson Hercules v. Eagleheart (Nelson) Nakita Josephine de Jude la Cathare (Nakita)

Susan & Karl Sondermann
Wanderlust Entlebuchers
Lexington, MA
(352) 359-8712
Email address

Further Information

Ahsoka vom Wehrer Kesseltal (Ahsoka)

Alex Ilnytskyy & Oksana Ilnytska
Mont Blanc Entlebuchers
Poway, CA
(949) 209-7966
Email address

Further Information

Family Jewel Sozvezdie Udachi (Fina)Odessa Sozvezdie Udachi (Oda)

Stud Dogs Only

Jennifer & Alan Spirer
Belden Hill Entlebuchers
Wilton, CT
(203) 216-0045
Email address

Alpenglow’s Sir Shasta V. Mountain Meadow (Saber)

Fran Fleming
Fleming Entlebuchers
Pittsburgh, PA
(412) 363-1221

Email address

Further Information

Night Owl Dragon of Fleming (Dragon)

Anita Crouse
Split Pine Farm
Rutherforton, NC
(561) 389-7117

Email address

Further Information

Charles From Balihara Ranch (Bluto)

Diane & Mark Rittmanic
White Eagle Entlebuchers
Scottsdale, AZ
Ph: (773) 818-9745
Email address

AdagioPaws Fave Lucca Von Rittmanic

Yomi & Mimi Agunbiade
Ayomide Entlebuchers
Pacifica, CA
(415) 215-6428
Email address

Further Information

Anacapa’s Koji at Whistler CGC TKN (Koji)


CHIC Logo Color: Dogs that have participated in the CHIC program are identified using the CHIC logo. The color of the logo indicates if the dog is current in all required testing. Certain testing requirements must be repeated to remain current. The Eye exam is considered valid for 12 months. If one or more of the required tests is older than the valid time frame, then the CHIC icon is still shown, but in grey instead of color.

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