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National Entlebucher Mountain Dog Association

Health and Genetics

Data Collection

Available health data is only as good as the information that is submitted. The Health and Genetics Committee strives to obtain written diagnostic results as well as monitoring posted health certificates. Only documented conditions are included in the Genetic database. The NEMDA BCOE Breeders are all obligated to submit accurate information on all known health or genetics issues. All owners are also highly encouraged to submit any health or genetic information they feel is pertinent to our breed. Only by recording data from every dog possible, healthy or afflicted, can the Committee attain its goals and provide the best information possible to our owners and breeders.

The NEMDA Health and Genetics Committee is committed to assisting Entlebucher breeders reduce genetic disease while breeding for good temperament and maintaining type. The Health and Genetics Committee serves as the health data collection point for the Entlebucher Mountain Dog. The Committee works closely with the NEMDA Breeding Committee, sharing accurate and pertinent information on genetic issues. The Committee is dedicated to sharing this information to all Entlebucher owners via e-mail or via the on-line database. We encourage all owners of Entlebuchers to supply health information for entry into the Database using the Genetics Database Information Form or the NEMDA Mortality Report

NEMDA’s goal is to promote breeding of beautiful, lovable, healthy dogs, and to do that we need help from our members.

Health and Genetic Research

The Health and Genetics Committee works closely with our owners, BCOE breeders and other Committees to facilitate health and genetic research which benefits the Entlebucher. Past successes include work with the Progressive Retinal Atrophy PRA Committee to obtain the Optigen PRA DNA genetic test for the Entlebucher. This was a huge milestone for our breed as our members and breeders worked together, gaining confidence to tackle other projects.

Currently, the Health and Genetics Committee is working with the Breeding Committee to educate our breeders and owners about the Entlebucher Urinary Syndrome (EUS). The Committees have begun discussing protocols for collaboration between NEMDA and University of Zurich where researchers are approximating EUS breeding values and conducting studies on the EUS condition in Entlebuchers. The Committees are also working with Cornell University as they look at heart diseases in Entlebuchers.

Our club is fortunate for the opportunity that our breed may benefit from the generous research time from these Universities. We are grateful for all the financial and emotional support from our members and breeders that make these relationships possible.
Although EUS and heart conditions are rare in Entlebuchers, NEMDA is fully dedicated to understanding these genetic diseases so that we may work to eliminate them from our population. Only through transparent cooperative efforts by our owners and breeders can we proceed toward those goals. Our love of the breed and our dogs drives our dedication.

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