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National Entlebucher Mountain Dog Association

Pre-AKC NEMDA Champions, Best in Specialty, and High in Trial- Obedience

This page is dedicated to the NEMDA Pre-AKC Campions, Best in Specialty, and High in Trail-Obedience winners. Before joining AKC NEMDA offered its first Conformation Breed Specialty August 2002, in Ashtabula, Ohio.

Obedience competition was an opportunity for the members to showcase their talents beginning in 2005, in Veneta, Oregon.


2002  Ashtabula, OH - Bello v.d. Weierhalten
2003  Calistoga, CA - Lee Lee's of Tucker
2004  Geneva, OH - Lee Lee's of Tucker
2005  Veneta, OR - Brontë of Wildhorn
2006  Madison, OH - Braveheart Bombero of Wildhorn
2007  Chula Vista, CA - Eulee of Wildhorn
2008  Pocono Summit, PA - Natessah v. Adhem
2009  Lake Tahoe, NV - Astro of Matrix Entlebuchers
2010  Pocono Summit, PA - Queso von Adhem


2005  Veneta, OR - Tucker's Courageous Tale
2006  Madison, OH - Mookie of Tucker
2007  Chula Vista, CA - Bravo Victor of Wildhorn
2008  Pocono Summit, PA - Mookie of Tucker
2009  Lake Tahoe, NV - Anevay v. Hephzibah
2010  Pocono Summit, PA - The Cosmic Cricket

Pre-AKC, NEMDA offered its own NEMDA Championship program. The program recognized Entlebuchers who completed the requirements/points necessary for earning a Conformation Championship through ARBA, CKC, UKC, NEMDA events or any combination of these organizations.


  1. Brontë of Wildhorn
  2. Lee Lee’s of Tucker
  3. Arrowood Cecile v. Alpenblick
  4. A Life of Riley v. Adhem
  5. Heida du Bois du Foyard
  6. Caesar from Balihara Ranch
  7. Great Earl of Duke v. Adhem
  8. Eulee of Wildhorn
  9. Natessah von Adhem
  10. Konrad of AppleCreek
  11. Jumanji v Brunswick
  12. Braveheart Bombero of Wildhorn
  13. Queso von Adhem
  14. Ursula von Adhem
  15. Imzadi Data v Eagleheart
  16. AppleCreek's Sigmund
  17. Tali von Adhem


The Guthrie Award honored the long-term accomplishments of dog-handler teams in performance sports.  NEMDA retired this award in 2020. 

2004  Penny Young of C Bar G
2007  Explorer B’Elana v. Eagleheart
2009  Great Earl of Duke v. Adhem
2012  Bean of Matrix Entlebuchers
2014  Bixbys Big Sur of Applecreek
2014  Jumanji v Brunswick
2014  Xella-Excella vom Kornreid
2014  Moratel Roseli Chemisse
2016  Maribo Muffin of Brunswick
2016  Jazzberry Jam v Eagleheart
2017  Imzadi Data v Eagleheart

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