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National Entlebucher Mountain Dog Association

Common Questions

What kind of temperament does this breed have?

While their personalities are all different, Entlebuchers are super intelligent, loving, and very anxious to please. They love to play and are happiest in an active household where they will get lots of exercise and attention. They want to be a part of the family and, if possible, right by your side. Because of their herding instinct, Entlebuchers can be protective of their family.  Early puppy socialization with other people and animals is essential for raising a well adjusted dog.

How much exercise do they need?

Entlebuchers are high-energy dogs. They need to be able to run and play in order for them to be happy and healthy. They love to have a job to do. Above all else they love to be with their families, especially playing ball,  doing Agility, or just taking a nice long hikes.

What kind of weather are they suited for?

Entlebuchers originated in Switzerland where the climate is cool. They prefer cool temperatures and in warmer climates they need to be kept cool. A good rule to consider is if you are comfortable and safe participating in an activity regardless of the weather and temperature so will your Entle.

Are they protective and do they bark a lot?

Entlebuchers can be very protective of their families especially if they have not been adequately socialized and are not used to people coming into their house. They are excellent watch-dogs. When an Entle does bark it is usually for a reason.

Are Entlebuchers good with other dogs and cats?

It is important to socialize any puppy with other dogs and cats. Entles are generally confident and enjoy being with other dogs. If your family has another dog or cat, your Entlebucher will usually accept it and consider it to be another member of the family. 

When is a good time to train a puppy and what kind of training do they need?

Puppy training needs to start right away, even before formal classes. You will be quite surprised at the vocabulary they can acquire. Puppy kindergarten at 10 weeks is good for socialization and Level 1 Obedience Training at around six months is good for doggie manners. These highly intelligent dogs are always testing their owners, so it is important that the entire family use the same signals and words and be consistently firm when training.

Are they good with children?

Most Entlebuchers love children, and like to play with them. Some are very tolerant and gentle with babies and toddlers, but most are too rambunctious and enthusiastic with small children, especially when they are puppies. They are very strong and as puppies often nip and play rough. They also “herd by hurling,”  and can knock small children off their feet. Because of their exuberant nature, older children manage Entles better than young children. 

What kind of health problems do they have?

Entlebuchers generally have overall, good health.  The following diseases and conditions are sometimes noted in this breed:

Eye Health Issues: Please visit Eye Health in the Entlebucher for more information.

Hip Dysplasia, Luxating Patella, and Cranial Cruciate Ligament Injury: Please visit Hip and Knee Issues in the Entlebucher for more information.

Ectopic Ureters: Please visit Entlebucher Urinary Syndrome  for more information.

What about feeding and grooming?

Entlebuchers have a short, dense, shiny double coat that requires very little grooming or bathing. They do shed and a regular brushing keeps the shedding down to a minimum. This breed loves to eat and can be prone to putting on extra pounds.  An average feeding routine is twice a day, with occasional treats.  

Is the Entlebucher good for a person with allergies?

Although this breed does shed less than many other breeds, they still have fur and dander that can cause allergy symptoms in allergic people.

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