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National Entlebucher Mountain Dog Association

An Entlebucher sitting on a red saddle blanket with a saddle beside her under a pine tree. A sign says CEBA dog September 2, 2022 Lexington KY Liily

Lily owned by Paula Lacker was awarded her CEBA confirmation in 2022. 


Welcome to the Comprehensive Entlebucher Breed Assessment (CEBA) home page!

You have come to the right place to learn more about the CEBA program and locate all things CEBA.

Should you wonder… What is CEBA?… or What happens at CEBA?, you will find answers in the CEBA FAQs section on the menu bar. Wondering what are CEBA benefits, preparations, or protocols… those too are answered in the FAQs section.

If you’re interested in tracking down Entlebucher-owner teams who have participated in past CEBA events, click on CEBA Teams. Click on CEBA Evaluators to see a list of all the Temperament Evaluators or Conformation Evaluators since 2009.

To further excite you about participating in CEBA, here are some selected comments from past CEBA events.

We all know the “Perfect Dog” is in our home and quite possibly laying at our feet as we read. However, to safeguard the breed it is important for people other than ourselves to assess our dogs. The perspective of an unbiased yet knowledgeable person is an invaluable asset to the preservation of the breed we all love.

- Participant

The exam presents the team with many unusual situations that allow us to evaluate the dog’s and handler’s ability to adapt. These life situations put emphasis on the dog’s self-confidence and problem solving skills, as well as his trust in his handler. This goes beyond the normal bond of training. During one evaluation, a volleyball game broke out on a grass court adjacent to test area. The handler tensed and got up tight, then the dog reacted to “game day” by guiding his person away from the “Danger.”

- Temperament Evaluator

What may not have been obvious to participants was that the judges themselves were exposed to a wonderful range of Entlebuchers and will have a richer appreciation of individual dogs in the breed than before they worked the CEBA event.

- Conformation Judge

If you want to read more comments, click on CEBA Comments. Some of them are truly insightful!

For NEMDA members that would like to delve deeper into the CEBA story, click on CEBA Articles where we’ve archived various Entlebook articles and trip reports, many of which include lots of great photos.

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