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National Entlebucher Mountain Dog Association

Litter Announcements

Puppies Born - California

Puppies Born Date: March 10, 2024
Four females
Accepting Applications

Sire: Atlas of Mont Blanc
       AKC: DN65421302
       OFA Hips: # EB-420G32M-C-VPI, Good
       OFA CAER: EB-EYE193/35M-VPI
       OFA PRA: Clear By Parentage
       OFA Elbow: 10/9/2023, Normal
       OFA Patella: EB-PA152/32M/P-VPI, Normal
       Link to NEMDA Database Record: Bärli
Dam: Odessa Sozvezdie Udachi
        AKC: DN74147801, UKU.05241404
        OFA Hips: # EB-419F28F-C-VPI, Fair
        OFA CAER: EB-EYE191/20F-VPI
        OFA PRA: EB-PRA107/20F-PI, Clear
        OFA Patella: EB-PA150/28F/P-VIP, Normal
        CHIC: 193057
        Link to NEMDA Database Record: Oda

Contact Name/Info
Mont Blanc - Alex Ilnitsky
(949) 202-7966

Puppies Born - California

Puppies Born Date: March 1, 2024
Two females and one male
No longer Accepting Applications

Sire: Anacapa's Koji at Whistler CGC TKN (Koji)
AKC: DN57887601
       CHIC: 166878
       OFA Hips: EB-396G31M-C-VPI, Good
       OFA CAER 2023: EB-EYE162/54M-VPI, Normal
       OFA PRA: EB-PRA85/32M-PI, Clear/Normal
       OFA Elbow: EB-EL155M31-C-VPI, Normal
       OFA Patella: EB-PA124/31M/S-VPI, Normal
       Link to NEMDA Database Record: Koji
Dam: HnrCH-B Baroness Caddy vom Royal Peak NA, NAJ, SWN, SCA, SIA, SEA, TKP, (Caddy)
        AKC: DN47253801
        CHIC: 137142
        OFA Hips: EB-351G28F-VPI, Good
        OFA CAER 2023: EB-EYE73/84F-VPI, Normal
        OFA PRA: EB-PRA32/24F-PI, Clear/Normal
        OFA Elbow: EB-EL124F28-VPI, Normal
        OFA Patella: EB-PA58/20F/P-VPI, Normal
        Link to NEMDA Database Record: Caddy

Contact Name/Info
Jen Shaul
Royal Peak Entlebuchers

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