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National Entlebucher Mountain Dog Association

Bar TT Ranch Entlebuchers

Bar TT Ranch Entlebuchers takes its name from our family ranch in the Alberta foothills. Originally a weekend retreat, the ranch has become our retirement passion. We are excited to enter the world of Entlebucher breeding. Our little Nakita (Nakita Josephine de Jude la Cathare – DOB 2017) is still growing but Nelson is available to stud with approved females.

We fell in love with this friendly, energetic, and versatile breed from the first dog we met. Now, we find it hard to imagine life without an Entle at the ranch. They bring great playful energy to any activity and are almost certain to make you smile as they chase, jump, and jostle. Nelson and Nakita have brought so much joy to our everyday lives at the ranch.

As breeders of American Quarter Horses, we are well aware of the problems that can result from reliance on a dominant stud. Genetic diversity is therefore a priority for us, followed by sound temperament, robust health, and longevity. We prefer Entles with the traditional look – not too much white on the paws or back of neck, the proper head shape and long body, but at BarTT Ranch, aesthetics will be secondary to genetic diversity and the ultimate survival of this amazing breed.

Laureen (Little) & Ian van Staalduinen

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