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National Entlebucher Mountain Dog Association

Belden Hill Entlebuchers

In my life before Entlebuchers, I was a creative director, copywriter and designer of baby products. I’ve been a member of NEMDA since 2003, a former BCOE breeder, the Director of Region 1 since 2014 and the Moderator of the formerly active Yahoo E-Group for many years. In October, I organized my second, “Entlebucher Beach Day in Connecticut” in which 19 Entles and their owners visited a local CT beach and then came to our home for lunch and more socializing.

Alpenglow's Sir Shasta V. Mountain Meadow

As a BCOE breeder, I bred my girl “Lola”, Bliss of Monadnock in 2006, to Foxy Fritz v.Trub (brought from Switzerland). Lola was an extraordinary Entle, a combination of sweetness and athleticism, my “heart” dog. Being a new breeder, I took out every book in the library to educate myself on how to assist in whelping and caring for newborn Entle puppies. Kathleen Kinney recommended Fritz. Nothing, but absolutely nothing would prepare me for the birth to come. No one from NEMDA, except Gina Thomas, offered to support me, so I did it alone. Sadly, one by one, we lost the four smallest out of a litter of seven puppies. It was the most heartbreaking two weeks that I have ever spent, mostly sitting in the whelping box in our bathroom, helping puppies latch on to Lola or hand-feeding the tiniest babies. But raising the other three was indescribably wonderful! When they started to climb out of their box we moved them to an area adjacent to our kitchen where our large family could all participate. It was magic! I wanted to do it again and so we tried for a second litter, but the mating failed, probably, we were told, because Fritz was too old.

As a member of the Breed Committee, I am constantly impressed by how today’s NEMDA breeders, compared to years ago, reach out to generously guide, share information and offer advice to one another.

The other things that I’ve noticed over almost 20 years is the positive impact that social media has had on the breed and how willing Entlebucher owners in general are willing to advise strangers on health conditions and breeder recommendations. I find that owners of one Entle always seem to be searching for another one!

I have three Entlebuchers, one from Nova Scotia, one from Kansas City and one from Napa, CA. They are all snugglers and lovers! Every day is an Entle party or a play fight or a kitchen cooking lesson with very attentive “students”.

We decided to breed “Saber”, Alpenglow’s Sir Shasta v. Mountain Meadow, one of Brise and Tanner’s boys, when he passed all of his health tests and received his CHIC number. He is a wonderful combination of an American and a Swiss Entle. He's both exuberant and very sweet! This time around, I have great help from my friends in NEMDA and a much improved internet, instead of the library, for reference.

I have owned five Entlebuchers. You can tell that I love this breed! I am committed to helping the breed survive and thrive through health testing, breeding for genetic diversity and the careful merging of the strengths of both the male and the female to create the strongest Entlebucher attributes and traits possible. I am guided by the Entlebucher Breed Standard to breed for authenticity not novelty. I will have my dogs participate only in a breeding where I know that the puppies will be nurtured, loved and socialized to help create the best temperaments of this extraordinary breed.

Jennifer & Alan Spirer

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