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National Entlebucher Mountain Dog Association

Dyberry Creek Farm

We are an Entlebucher family! We fell in love with the Entlebucher breed 20 years ago when we had our first Entlebucher, Ike. Ike was “a gentleman and a scholar” and a tremendous breed ambassador, as well as being the best dog anyone could ever have wished for! After he passed, when we were ready to have a dog in our lives again, we decided that we could make a difference for our beloved breed by becoming breeders ourselves. Our focus is on careful selection for genetic diversity, to produce beautiful, sound, healthy dogs who can have long, happy lives and who have excellent temperaments, displaying the best of what Entlebuchers have to offer.

We put tremendous care into puppy rearing and socialization, puppy matchmaking / adoption, and the cultivation and support of our adoptive families. Our saying is: we adopt people, and the way they know they have been adopted is they get to live with one of our puppies. It is a lifelong commitment for us.

Eve Tetzlaff

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