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Eagleheart Entlebuchers

Eagleheart Entlebuchers starting breeding in 1997. Our first Entlebucher Shaman started a journey of bringing wonderful Entlebuchers into the world. Since then we have had 6 more Entlebuchers, Bliss from Balihara Ranch, Amazon (Ammo) from Tierra de Alta, Zendo from Eagleheart, Lolo from Eagleheart and Rex for Apple Creek. In 2020 we had the opportunity to get a puppy from Excel-Ents that had ALL of the Entlebuchers that started our journey into the world of Entlebuchers. Her name Excel-Ents Be Loved Puppy Lucy, call name Pupper Lu. She has passed all of her breeding tests and is of sound conformation in every way and her temperament is true to the breed. She is slightly suspicious of strangers but within 5 minutes she wants pets and wants to play. She loves other dogs and has many doggie friends that she plays with them every day. She is on the smaller side at 17.5 inches tall and weights 42 lbs.

Eagleheart intent is to bring Entlebuchers puppies into the world who are of sound health, conformation and temperament and contribute to the health of this breed. And also focusing on puppies for active families.

Thank you,

Kathy Marshall

Excel-Ents Be Loved Puppy LucyExcel-Ents Be Loved Puppy Lucy

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