National Entlebucher Mountain Dog Association


Dinner with Entles

Dinner with Our Dogs

J Renders Southern Table & Bar, Lexington, KY


Herding Program Overview

Entlefest Herding Overview

AKC Herding Judge Sharol Hathaway gave an insightful presentation on the AKC Herding Program.  She covered differences between AKC’s herding program over other venues.  She also gave advice on finding a good instructor and the basic characteristics a dog needs to become a good herding dog.   

Treibball Demo and Workshop

Entlefest Treibball Demo and Workshop

Members of the National Association of Treibball Enthusiasts (NATE) gave a Treibball demonstration.  Even though it was hot and sunny their dogs showed enthusiasm for the game.  After the demonstration, Entles and their handlers had the opportunity to learn some of basic skills for getting started in Treibball. 

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