National Entlebucher Mountain Dog Association

ExcelEnts Entlebucher Kennel

Excellence is a quality that surpasses ordinary standards. We’ve been passionate about dog sports and the sport of dogs for over two decades, so it made sense that our experience would evolve into a desire to further help and contribute to the betterment of this breed we are passionate about. We are dedicated to ongoing knowledge, education, and quality decisions as Entlebucher Mountain Dog breeders.

At ExcelEnts Kennel we combine our dedication to excellence with our love and commitment for the betterment of this beloved Swiss Mountain Dog! We believe in the ‘TOTAL’ Entlebucher- bred for health, moderate structure, great temperament, beauty and working ability! Our Entlebucher protégé are capable of excelling in any area being truly versatile and able to do it all! This is not just talk or lip service, we are out in the real world doing and proving our dogs’ abilities by testing their skills and aptitudes. We strongly believe in preserving and protecting the working functionality of the Entlebucher Mountain Dog. It is a dynamic process of balance encouraged within the breed standard. We do not support breeding extreme traits, spooky/fearful temperaments or exaggerated qualities.

Antea z. Rodevachu

Joyce & Patrick MacKay

BISS GCH CH MACH3 Imzadi Data v. Eagleheart VCD1 BN GN CD RE MXB2 MJC MXF T2B CGC TKA “Data”
MACH2 Superstar Kai v. Adhem RA MXC MJB2 XF T2B CGC “Kai”
CH Antea z. Rodevachu CGC BN NA NAJ NF TKI “Jaylah”
Forever in my heart:
U-CD Explorer B’Elana v. Eagleheart HCT-s O-ECC EJC EAC O-TG-E O-WV-E RS-O GS-E JS-O TDIA CD RE NF NJP AX AXJ THD “Bayla”

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