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Health & Genetics Open House Series

NEMDA Health and Genetics Presents an Open House Series:
Raising a Healthy Entlebucher

In this series of seven open houses, learn from experts and Entlebucher owners tips and tricks to keeping your Entlebucher physically and mentally fit and injury-free. You are invited to participate in one or all. Each session will feature content from an expert or facilitator, as well as interactive discussion and Q&A with participants. Please bring your own ideas on the topic as well as your questions!

Sessions will be held via  Zoom (in a US time zone),. Recordings will be available for those who can't attend the live session. 

Specific dates and times for each month’s session will be announced about a month in advance.

March: Spring Splash! Teach your Entlebucher to swim.
Wednesday, March 23, 6 PM Eastern time

Swimming is a great way for Entlebuchers to get out that famous energy, without putting strain on joints. It's also a fantastic therapy for dogs recovering from injury, or older dogs. But not all Entlebuchers take naturally to water. Unlike some other breeds, even many Entlebuchers who love the water originally needed a little encouragement to take the plunge. In this session, hear tips from Entle owners who have taught their dogs to swim. Ask questions and gather advice from other Entle parents about getting those pups in the water. If you have a great swimmer, please attend and share your own tips! 

Our 1st Open House was a Splashing success! We had 32 Attendees. You can view the recording now. Please click the button below.

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April: Chill, Baby! Train your Entlebucher to relax.
Tuesday, April 26, 6 PM Eastern time

"Again! Again! Again!" Sound familiar? Left to their own devices, our Entlebuchers will enjoy themselves fast and furiously, sometimes to the point of injury. Teaching your dog to take a break or to tone down the intensity can make exercise more enjoyable, healthier, and better for your dog's injury-free longevity. Remember: just because your Entlebucher can do something doesn’t mean he or she should! As owners, we need the skill to recognize when our beloved furry cannonball needs a break. We also need to learn how not to give in to our dogs’ demands for “more” to the point of injury (and how to keep everyone in the household on board). In this session, Health & Genetics' own Tracey Vatcher (Entlebucher owner and trainer) will lead an informative and interactive session on the why's and how's of teaching your Entlebucher to moderate and relax.

Another chilling success!  we had 96 people registered.  You can view the recording by clicking the button below.

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May: Socializing (with) your Entlebucher
Wednesday, May 25, 3 PM Eastern Time

Join renowned expert in all things canine Dr. Gayle Watkins, AKC 

Breeder of Merit, founder of Avidog and creator of Savvy Socialization, who will give tips and lead a discussion on how to teach you and your Entlebucher to navigate the world together with calm confidence. The more we and our Entles can do together with enjoyment and ease, the happier we all will be. Covid hasn't done any of us any favors on the socialization front! So come along to this session to learn and discuss how we and our dogs can get out into the world, for exercise, pleasure, and strengthened bonding, while teaching or reinforcing for our dogs (and let's be honest, ourselves!) how to navigate a variety of situations including with other people and dogs.

June: Exercising the Entlebucher Brain.

Entlebuchers need to exercise their brains as much as their bodies. Getting that Entle brain engaged helps burn off energy and makes for a more satisfied dog (and happier you). In this session, hear from other Entlebucher owners about their experiences with nose work, puzzles, Adventure walks, and more. Please attend to add your ideas to the collective, as well as to ask questions and get some great tips.


July: Explosions are for Fireworks! Safe Exercise & the Entlebucher.

In this “high impact” session, join a canine orthopedic expert (to be confirmed) to learn about the injuries we most want to avoid with our Entles, and how to do so while exercising appropriately.

August: Dog Sports for the Dog Days of Summer (and Beyond)

Photo courtesy of Tracey VatcherIs there a sport you've always wondered about trying with your Entlebucher? Come discuss and learn with other Entlebucher owners who participate with their dogs in sports including Agility, Fly Ball, Dock Diving, Luring/Coursing, Skijoring, and more! Do you do something fun with your Entle you think we'd all love to hear about? Come tell us!

September: Back to School - Dog Tricks with Louise & Samba!

If you use Instagram, maybe you've seen Samba (@samba_entlebucher), the prettiest little Entlebucher in France, joyfully doing the most amazing of tricks together with her equally delightful human, Louise. In this session (on a French-friendly time zone), Louise and Samba will show us some of their favorite fun & games. Then Louise will take a little Q&A from all of us on how to get started following in their fancy footsteps. Louise & Samba are taking any special requests, so let us know if there’s a trick you’d particularly like them to show.

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