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National Entlebucher Mountain Dog Association

Nagimor Entlebuchers

My love of animals started with my Collie, Jerry, who was my childhood best friend. I have had many canine companions over the years. My higher
education experiences led me to earn an Associates degree in Horse Husbandry and a Bachelor of Science degree in Animal Husbandry. With our common interests, my husband and I developed a purebred Katahdin Hair Sheep operation wherein we became involved with the National Sheep Improvement Program, which has the goal of improving the genetics of the breed through extensive data collection and statistical analysis. As we developed our farm, we worked with and bred Rottweilers, Maremmas, Boarder Collies, Papillons and worked with the Akbash breed. I also operated a dog boarding kennel for many years that allowed me to observe many breeds of dogs – their state of health, temperament as well as how they met their breed standards.

For some time, I had the Entlebucher in mind as a breed with which I wanted to work. As we headed into retirement, I sought out a dog that was a good candidate for both working and showing. I teamed up with Katelyn Barber and acquired Sherlock from Liberty Run Kennels. We have progressed through the extensive, but very important, battery of tests to ascertain Sherlock’s health and genetic background to be sure he was a good candidate for improving the Entlebucher breed. He has shown himself to be of sound mind with an outstanding/stable temperament. The small number of Entlebucher in the United States presents a challenge for expanding the numbers without compromising the overall quality of the breed. The challenge is exacerbated by how widely the breed is dispersed across the country. Our goal is to allow Sherlock to selectively help maintain / improve the genetics of the breed across the country. To do this, our goal is to encourage and promote the use of chilled / frozen semen as well as natural cover.

Nancy Chichester

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