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National Entlebucher Mountain Dog Association

Swiss Stock Entlebuchers

Liberty Run’s Echo From the Alps, or “Liesel” is a true Entlebucher. Strong in body and spirit, she loves to be on the go. She has been through CEBA evaluations and praised for her structure and movement. She has achieved an International Championship (IABCA) and an AKC Grand Championship. She has done some foundation work in agility, obedience, and nose work. Liesel will be pursuing more nose work training and trialling after the demands of motherhood allow her to return to work. She loves to learn. Liesel is a great all around dog. While she has boundless energy, and loves to run, she also enjoys evening quiet time, often on a human lap. She is devoted to her people, often getting the nickname of “velcro.” My goal with Swiss Stock Entlebuchers is to breed healthy and well-tempered dogs, that stay true to our breed standard and function. Entlebuchers are a working dog. Proper structure is key to be able to do their job – or sports such as agility or flyball. I strongly believe that our dogs should be versatile and agile, as they were originally an all purpose farm and herding dog. Being versatile requires good structure and temperament. I will continue to focus on temperament as well as proper structure in our breedings, while striving to maintain genetic diversity. My goal is to stay in touch with all puppy homes throughout their entire lives, and even beyond. I believe it is important for breeders to maintain contact with their puppies, following along in their health and development. I plan to be a resource for our families and help owners when needed.

Cindy Stocker

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