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National Entlebucher Mountain Dog Association

H&G Open House #2: Chill Baby! Train your Entlebucher to Relax

  • April 26, 2022
  • 6:00 PM
  • Zoom Meeting

"Again! Again! Again!" Sound familiar?

Left to their own devices, our Entlebuchers will enjoy themselves fast and furiously, sometimes to the point of injury. Teaching your dog to take a break or to tone down the intensity can make exercise more enjoyable, healthier, and better for your dog's injury-free longevity. Remember: just because your Entlebucher can do something doesn’t mean he or she should!

As owners, we need the skill to recognize when our beloved furry cannonball needs a break. We also need to learn how not to give in to our dogs’ demands for “more” to the point of injury (and how to keep everyone in the household on board). In this session, Health & Genetics' own Tracey Vatcher (Entlebucher owner and trainer) will lead an informative and interactive session on the why's and how's of teaching your Entlebucher to moderate and relax. 

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