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National Entlebucher Mountain Dog Association

Royal Peak Entlebuchers

The name “Royal Peak” represents the excellent characteristics of this breed. “Royal” represents the nobility names of our first two Entlebuchers, Duke & Earl. “Peak” represents the beautiful mountain peaks of Switzerland, as well as, reaching to the highest level. We strive to expose our dogs’ peak individual capabilities they have within themselves.

Our goal has been the pursuit of healthy, athletic, beautiful, well-built, Entlebucher Mountain Dogs with stable temperaments. We strive to maintain a versatile working ability in this breed. Our own dogs, as well as their offspring, have competed successfully in conformation, agility, obedience/rally, freestyle, nosework, herding tests, therapy tests, and more. Our Entlebuchers are first and foremost companions and beloved members of the family. We raise our puppies in our home and concentrate our efforts into caring for and socializing to give them the best possible start in life into their forever homes. We have a long-term commitment to all of the puppies we breed and expect to remain in contact with our puppy owners throughout the dog’s life (and often beyond.)

Our experience and dedication to the Entlebucher have spanned since 1998. We follow the NEMDA Breeder Code of Ethics in dealing with Entlebucher fanciers, our puppy buyers, fellow Entlebucher breeders, and the general public. We are devoted to our own continuing education as a breeder, trainer, exhibitor, and owner. We do this through extensive reading of literature, attending seminars, networking with veterinarians, breeders, professional dog trainers, and other members of the breed fancy on topics such as genetics, veterinary science, animal behavior, and breeding. Each breeding decision is of tremendous importance to us.

Jen Shaul & Family

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