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National Entlebucher Mountain Dog Association

Be a Goodwill Ambassador for Traveling Entlebuchers!

What to Bring to Entlefest

  • x-pen and/or crate with shade cloth 
  • your Entle’s favorite toy, food, and treats 
  • sunglasses, hat and sunscreen
  • clothing for warm days and cool evenings
  • fanny pack or small backpack (and water bottle) for walks or hike 
  • water/food dog bowls 
  • poop bags 
  • insect repellant 
  • camera
  • flashlight/head lamp
  • flat collar for CEBA
  • Red bandana for intact male dogs 
  • Raincoat

Entlefest Etiquette

Entlefest presents the opportunity to expose your dog to new situations in an atmosphere of friendliness and camaraderie with people who understand this breed! For many of us, this will be the first time our dogs have been on leash around a large number of enthusiastic dogs, so please exercise common sense. Keep your attention on your dog at all times, whether on or off leash. Be a good neighbor by keeping a distance between your dog and others you haven’t met. 

Don’t let your dog rush up to another dog without warning. People often exclaim, “Oh, don’t worry. My dog likes everybody.” That may be true, but the other dog may not like everybody. This is poor people and doggie etiquette. Keep your dog on a short leash. Before you closely approach another dog, ask the owner if it is OK. Don’t force the dogs to meet face to face. Let them sniff one another. They usually do this side by side, focusing on rear ends. That’s a doggie “nice to know you.” If anyone growls, move your dog away firmly but don’t jerk the dog back, as sudden movement may trigger the other dog to react defensively. 

And please keep a watchful eye on your dog’s body language, as that will tell you if they are out of their comfort zone. The same applies to dogs exhibiting dominant behavior. If your dog seems uncomfortable, try walking in circles until you can get your dog to walk by your side and consider giving your dog a break in its crate or x-pen. Have treats available to reward good behavior. 

Stud dogs are often more territorial and dominant than neutered males. Stud owners should especially give wide berth to other stud dogs and not let their dogs loose. Pet owners should also watch the behavior of the nearby stud dogs. Some intact dogs do not like strange, even neutered dogs, to enter their personal space. Others are perfectly friendly. 

Crate your dog in a safe, shady, place with water available, when you are busy at mealtime, etc. Your dog will welcome a chance to chill out. Being around so many other dogs for long stretches, even when they enjoy it, is stressful for dogs. 

While staying at your hotel: 

  • Ask where to relieve and exercise your dog. 
  • Take plastic bags when you walk and clean up after your dog. 
  • Throw doggie poop bags in the hotel dumpster. 
  • Crate your dog at all times in the room. Don’t leave your dog in the room alone at all if he or she barks when left alone. This is an annoyance to everyone. 

Be a goodwill ambassador for traveling Entlebuchers! 

It’s an easy way to keep track of the Entlefest/Specialty events, including dates, times, and locations. 
Download it here

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